Rubyfire: Random images, random thoughts

3 July 1986
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I'm more quirky than actually unique. I'm shallow enough to appreciate beauty but too easily distracted to do much with it. I'm self centered and have a short attention span. I'm frequently happy and depressed and am overly devoted to my pets (3 cats and a corgi). I love stirring up shit and can never running a commentary on my surroundings. I love escapist films. I love tasty food and junk food. I collect soft things like blankets, pillows, and fluffy towels. If it's got Hello Kitty on it, I probably have it or want it. I hate coconut.

I'm a college student in Indiana, soon to be entering some law school or another.

I frequently post random images, photographs I've take or photos of me, or random snippets of my day. I'm big on absurdity, sarcasm, and surrealist humor.