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Music meme

A repeat of a beneficial meme from a year ago while I procrastinate studying today.

Edit: Now I'll just make it permanatly up here in case anyone else stumbles across it.

Music Swapping Meme:

1. Request music.
---A. You cannot specifically request a band, song, or genre.
---B. You have to go by taste, color, mood, texture, memories, or something equally creative.

2. I'll post music.
---A. I'll pick from my own collection whatever best fits your request. I have an extremely large collection of music that is very eclectic and has a wide range of genres.
---B. It will not be permanently available.
---C. Not posting whole albums, just individual songs.

3. You enjoy music.

4. If you so desire, post and repeat the cycle of lame ass piracy.


Loser unemployed

My grandmother called me up today and I ended up feeling like shit that I don't have a job.

A year ago, the plan was to go into law school and move away and be the amazing girl everyone in the family thinks I am. But school, life, and depression wore me down to a bloody stump of a functional human being. My dad and his fiance sensed this and suggested I take a year off and stay at home. Going into law school the way I am now would have caused me to crash and burn quickly.

That seems like a great idea. I moved back, my my room in order, and have started studying for the LSATs again and will be reapplying during the fall.

But I'm supposed to get a job. For the first couple weeks, I didn't really take my job hunt seriously. But lately I have been. I've been screwed over a bunch. I'm overqualified, underqualified, not enough experience, not planning a long term career with their company, or "just not quite right" for employers. Twice I've been scheduled for an interview, only to be told at the end of the interview that they have already filled the position. Great planning right there.

I've been a little frustrated but not totally discouraged. Hey it's a tough time. I'll find something eventually.

But my grandmother calls me up today. She asks why haven't I applied to work in schools (they haven't called me back), why haven't I applied for a teaching position (didn't even occur to me), why haven't I picked up something in fast food or walmart (because I don't want a job that will make me hate life even more), etc. Basically, she assumes I'm just fucking around. She then goes on and on about how some people she knows have spent a couple years looking for a job, so I'm only getting started! (yay).

Eventually I told her I sort of didn't feel like talking about job hunting right now but then she ran out of stuff to talk to me about. Great.

After I got off the phone and cried. I already feel like a huge fucking loser, having struggled so hard in school the last semester and moving back in with my father. I'm not making money nor doing anything prestigious, so I'm worthless in the eyes of my family.

It's not like I'm just playing video games all day. I've been working out and studying and reading. I've been cooking meals and cleaning the house, purging old things and integrating my dad's fiance's thing into our house. I've been doing minor house repairs or keeping appointments with repairmen for my dad. I've been looking after our animals and sewing. I've been keeping myself busy so I don't feel like a terrible leech.

After all that, I walked to the store to distract myself and to break into a pair of shoes. My left shoe was a bit lose and rubbed my heel until blood coated the back of my shoe.

Sorry. I'm just having a bad day.


run away

Nothing bad is going on. I just wanted to post this gif.

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graduation fyi

Oh by the way, I finished college.

Now I'm graduating and will be moving home today.



Idea: Ayn Rand and Book Covers

Ayn Rand and art deco go hand in hand. I only know that because all her book covers are in a very weird art deco style. However, I associate art deco with 20's and 30's, rather than Rand's prominent decades of the 50s and 60s. I don't think the art style truly reflects her philosophy.

I propose that on every cover of Atlas Shrugged, McDonald's should be incorporated somehow.

Now you might say, "WTF?" But if you think about, McDonald's has been a brilliant company that gets people to eat food that's not worth a fraction of what people are willing to pay for it. It basically wins at capitalism. Ayn Rand would be proud.

On that note, my allergies have been killing me. THE END.
live life; do stupid things

It's been a long week

"Would I be cockblocking if I pulled up a chair between you and Cory?"

"Wait, whose cock you would be blocking exactly? You weren't clear enough on that."


I am always both upset and pleasantly surprised when I rediscover that my heart is nowhere near as logical as I like to think it is.


Memorable conversation

While ago, I was hanging out with some friends in our study lounge, as we all usually do. After a while a familiar face sat down with us. An awkward girl named Sue. She usually sits down with us for a while, listens, says nothing, and then suddenly gets up and leaves.

For whatever reason, I say the word fuck in a conversation.

She looks very stern and says nervously, "Don't say that word?"

Anyone who has met me knows what is coming. "What? Fuck? Fucking fuckers fuck the fucking fuckity fucking fuck." And so on for the next minute or so.

The conversation moves on.

Ash mentions a local story about a man who kept getting caught while having sex with his goat. We all laugh because how many times does he have to get caught before his goat gets taken away.

But not Sue. She puts her hands over her ears and says, "Guys, no sex before marriage!"

Not everyone caught it but it was hilarious to hear this. Because we're talking about bestiality and she's concerned about the premarital sex aspect?

Conversation with Dad

"... And our dance instructor is really gay. I mean, really really obviously gay. He's got frosted hair, wears a lot of purple, and swishes his hips when he walks. A walking stereotype in real life."

"Dad, the technical term for that is 'flaming'. "

"He was so flaming he could catch fire."

Oh, Dad. You're great.


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